Zambia:Use the power of faith to promote peace and inter-religious dialogue, President Lungu urges Muslim community in Zambia

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PRESIDENT Edger Chagwa Lungu

has urged the Muslim community

to use the power of Faith to

promote peace and inter-religious


In his message of goodwill to the

Muslim community in Zambia at

the end of their month-long period

of Ramadan, president Lungu said

which is one of the most important

events on the Muslim calendar

should be the moment of reflection

and an opportunity for different

faiths to interact and dialogue on

matters that cut across the

barriers of faith and culture.

He said the Eid provides an

opportunity for Muslims to invite

people from other faiths to join

them in the spiritual festival of

breaking fast and must therefore

be used to spread messages of

peace and unity in communities.

“I take this opportunity of the

festival of Eid to appeal to the

leaders and followers of Islam to

join me in promoting nation-

building through messages of

peace and unity particularly this

period when the nationa is

conducting election campaigns,”

President Lungu said.

“Let us help our people to

understand that elections are a

democratic platform through which

leaders are chosen, this is not a

fierce competition to win at all


The head of state said elections

were a competition about ideas

and to serve.

He noted the need for public

service to be taken as a

commitment to God, family, and

the country at large.

President Lungu added that it was

a duty of religious leaders to guide

the people to remain united behind

the cherished values of peaceful

co-existence tgat have held this

country together in the last half

century of the country’s


“The spiritual significance of the

festival of Eid when Muslims thank

the Almighty Allah for the strength

will and the endurance during the

Ramadan period of fasting should

motivate the faithful to apply

themselves to the practical

challenges that confront our

people,” President Lungu said.

He also said the Eid prayers

should therefore take cognizance

of the fact that Islam as one of the

major religions must contribute to

the promotion of peace, hope and

serve as a bridge across different

faiths and cultures.

On 6th July, the world’s 1.6 billion

Muslims will be marking the

beginning of Eid of which the

celebrations involve a range of

traditions including gathering of

family and friends to eat and pray


This was contained in a statement

issued to Mwebantu by Special

Assistant for the President for

Press and Public Relations, Amos


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