ZIMBABWE: 11-Year Old Boy Pays Prostitute $4 For Unprotected Sex

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A drunk 11-year-old boy hired a Prostitute for the night and paid her $4 for unprotected sex.

“I was at Pagungwa Night Club, I was drunk and I then saw her dancing on the dancing floor. I approached her and I offered her $4 for s.ex and she took me to a private place. Whilst we were there, I first had sex with her with a condom and then the second time we had unprotected sex.

“Whilst we were still having sex that’s when a police officers saw us and then took us to the police station,” he said.

The Prostitute (name withheld) is currently facing charges of having sex with a minor before Chitungwiza magistrate Blessing Mutetwa.

Her lawyer justifying her act on the basis that she never bothered to consider the age of the minor since they met at an adult restricted place.

“The accused met with the minor at a night club and age would be the last thing to consider since the general assumption would be that everyone is an adult,” said the lawyer. The case continues.

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