ZIMBABWE: Father Rapes 14-year Old Daughter

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A 37-year old man is standing accused of so_domising and raping his 14-year old daughter whom he had been sharing a bed with, in the presence of his other children. The man, whose name has been withheld, is alleged to have raped the teenager whilst his wife was in South Africa. He was arrested and taken to the Harare magistrate charged with two counts of rape.

The man was not asked to plead to the charges when he appeared before magistrate Tendai Mahwe, who remanded him in custody to August 25. Magistrate Mahwe also advised him to approach the high court for bail application. State counsel, Sebastian Mutizirwa alleges that sometime in April, the 37 year old was left with his children whilst his wife travelled to South Africa.

Reports are that during the first days of his wife’s absence, he used to sleep on his own whilst his daughters slept in the kitchen. Prosecutor Mutizirwa had it that sometime in July he returned home from work and found his daughters fast asleep in the kitchen.

Allegations are that, after eating his dinner he then sneaked into his daughter’s blankets and started watching television. It was when he allegedly started fo_ndling his daughter’s breasts before he went to retire. Reports are that sometime in mid-July the 37 year old invited his daughter to his bedroom saying they were supposed to share blankets since it was too cold. His children, including the 14 year old complied and went to sleep with their father.

Reports are that after three days of sharing the same bed, his young child wetted the bed prompting him to order her to change position. This resulted in the 14 year old sleeping next to the father. Accusations are that around midnight the man started fo_ndling his daughter’s br_east, which awakened her in the process.

She then woke up to find her father n_aked. The 14-year old then questioned her father over his behavior but he remained numb. After a few moments, the man is alleged to have stripped his daughter na_ked and forced her to have an_al se_x with him. It is alleged they went back to sleep but the father woke up again and raped her. The teenager reportedly called her mother and told her of the se_xual attack. Upon hearing of the abuse, she returned into the country and went to lodge a complaint with the police leading to his arrest.

Source-H Metro

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