Zimbabwe: Father Rapes His Daughter!

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A Harare man who allegedly raped his minor daughter for four years has finally been arrested seven years later after committing the offence.

The 46 year old man from Kuwadzana (name withheld) is said to have raped his daughter on various occasions from 2005 to 2008. The victim who is now 18, was in grade one when her father allegedly deflowered her and continued with the act until she was in grade four.

The court heard that at one time the man attempted to rape the victim in the presence of Herr mother who was sleeping on the bed while the minor slept on the floor.

The accused appeared in court on Friday last week before the magistrate Mr Tendau Mahwe. He is charged with several counts of rape and attempted rape. He was remanded in custody and advised to apply for bail at the high court due to gravity of the offences he is facing.

Prosecuting, Mr Peter Kachika alleged that sometime in 2005, the victim’s mother went to work leaving her in the custody of the father. While the victim was in the house, her father’s friend arrived and she was ordered to go outside while the two remained in the house. Her father later called her back in when his friend had left. He allegedly took her to the bedroom where he raped her after the act he ordered her to take a bath and not tell anyone about the abuse.

The court heard that the accused on another occasion raped his daughter in the car after she had gone to open the gate for him during the night. It is alleged that when the accused parked his car in the garage, he took the minor into the car and raped her at the backseat.

According to the state, the victim shared her bedroom with their maid and on dates she could not remember, the maid took days off and the girl was afraid to sleep alone. Her mother then asked get to sleep with them in their bedroom and she slept on the floor while her parents slept on the bed.

It is alleged that during the night, the accused “crawled” from his bed and when to his daughter’s blankets and attempted to rape her. She tried to scream but he gagged her with his hand and rushed back into his bed.

The victim’s parents later divorced because of some family issues and the accused immediately moved in with another woman. The victim lived with her mother at her grandparent’s place. According to the state, the accused would take money and groceries to the victim for their unkeep.

The accused pleads not guilty and claims his ex-wife planned the whole story just to get back at him for the divorce!

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