ZIMBABWE: Gokwe Man Kills Neighbor’s 3 Children

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A Gokwe headman, Jorum Kudhela, from Mhokore Village confessed to killing his neighbour’s three children because one of them mistakenly killed his chicks.

His own son died too after he removed a healing peg left stuck in the middle of his yard by a tsikamutanda during a cleansing ceremony.

The ceremony was conducted after Kudhela confessed before Chief Njelele that he possessed juju and goblins which he had allegedly used kill his neighbour Philip Makiwa’s children aged two, four and 10 years old.

After the cleansing ceremony, a tsikamutanda left a peg stuck into the ground and sternly charged him not to tamper with it since it was smeared with muthi to protect him from repossessing his black magic.

A source from the area said Kudhela who thought the warning by the tsikamutanda was an empty threat instructed one of his sons to remove the peg. When he tried it, he mysteriously died on the spot.

“What happened is that Kudhela after the cleansing of his family a tsikamutanda left a peg stuck into the ground in the middle of his yard and strictly charged him not to remove it since it had supernatural powers which had managed to defeat the juju and goblins he possessed.

Kudhela hit headlines in when he confessed at a joint funeral of the children that he was the one who had bewitched them after one of them killed his three chicks.

Makiwa later dragged Kudhela to Chief Njelele where he allegedly admitted to possessing goblins which he promised to hand over to the prophets from his church.

Chief Njelele fined him two beasts before telling him that he would summon witch-hunters to cleanse the village and his family.

Source-B Metro

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