ZIMBABWE: Gokwe Woman Gives Birth To A Frog

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A Gokwe man believes his wife was bewitched hence giving birth to a frog like creature. Garikai Maphosa’s wife Tafadzwa Dumani’s sudden labour pains caught them off guard amounting to more questions than answers.

“It was on Monday night when she complained of labour pains and I said we would go to the clinic the following day. The pains got sever in the morning s I called a neighbour who’s a midwife to assist,” said Maphosa.

When he came with the midwife, Getrude Sibanda, they were shocked to find Dumani had already given birth to a dead frog-like creature.

“I was shocked, confused and scared at the same time. For sometime, I stood there motionless hoping I would wake up from a bad dream,” said Maphosa. They wrapped the dead frog and rushed her to the hospital because she was bleeding profusely. Dumani is recuperating but Maphosa has been busy looking for answers. “I consulted a traditional healer Sekuru Jongwe who said it was a result of witchcraft,” he said adding that his wife was consulting the healer for treatment.

The press sought sekuru Jongwe for an explanation.

“Witches usually send their goblins to sleep with their targets and that is the reason why sometimes people give birth to scary creatures. I have dealt with a lot of cases similar to this one,” he said. However, Dr Milton Chemhuru, a public health specialist said it was impossible for humans to give birth to frogs.

Sourc : B-Metro

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