ZIMBABWE: Man Demands Sex From His Mother

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A man from Katunhura village under chief Nemangwe in Gokwe dumped by his wife brew a shocker when he allegedly demanded sex from his mother since his wife ditched him because of his abusive behaviour.

Tafara Mabvira stunned villagers with his demands. In a desperate bid to force his mother to bow down to his sex demands, he allegedly threatened to burn down her bedroom hut if she continued spurning him. This didn’t go down well with the mother who then told other family members who advised her to report the issue to chief Nemangwe.

Circumstances as presented to the press are that the sex beggar started picking up heated arguments with his mother after his wife deserted him. During the night he would knock on his other’ bedroom door demanding for sex. At first she thought his weird demands were as a result of drunkenness but later changed her mind when he approached her on two occasions when sober.

When reached for comment Chief Nemangwe said the matter was yet to be addressed at a hearing at his traditional court.

“I will be in a position to furnish you with full details of what would have transpired,” he said.

Source-B Metro

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