ZIMBABWE: Man Raped By Prophetess During An All Night Prayer Session

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It’s a bizarre reality that a man can be ‘raped’ by a woman! Wonder no more , a Bulawayo man apparently had the worst experience or his life after his mission for spiritual cleansing in Masvingo went horribly wrong when he was allegedly ‘raped’ by a woman-cum prophetess whom he had reportedly consulted. The victim Tafadzwa Tangwena (23), from Northend suburb recounted his horrifying ordeal at the hands of a self-styled prophetess (name withheld) from an apostolic sect.

Tangwena who is nursing bruises from the alleged se_xual abuse said he met the prophetess on 19 July through a Good Samaritan. Tangwena told the Good Samaritan that he needed some spiritual deliverance since he was having problems with his mother who was always accusing him of being a problem child. After visiting the prophetess at her shrine popularly known as Pakirawa, Tangwena was told that he was being troubled by an evil spirit of destitution that needed to be quickly cleansed. In a bid to hoodwink the unsuspecting Tangwena, the prophetess generously offered him a place to sleep at once of her tents at the shrine. She however, sternly charged him that when sleeping he should remove his pair of jeans since they were not allowed inside the healing tent.

“What happened is I left Bulawayo for Masvingo on the 15 July after I had a misunderstanding with my mother over some money I took from her. When I arrived in Masvingo I had nowhere to stay until I met a man who kindly offered me accommodation. When I narrated my problems to him, he referred me to the prophetess for assistance.

The following day when I consulted her at her shrine she agreed to assist me and being a good hostess she offered me accommodation at one of her healing tents,” explained Tangwena. He went on: “Before I slept she prayed for me and smeared my whole body with some oil saying it was part of my cleansing she then ordered me to remove my pair of jeans saying it was against her Christian beliefs to sleep with jeans at the shrine and I suspected nothing.

Around midnight, I started feeling dizzy before I became unconscious. She however, took advantage of me while I was unconscious and forcibly had se_x with me. When I regained my consciousness I was shocked to find her on top of me while na_ked. I don’t know how long she lasted on top of me and when I made a long moan that is when she quickly got off me and went to her tent. Tangwena went and reported the matter at Chikato police station leading to her arrest. He however, expressed disappointment saying when they went to court the matter was dismissed due to lack of evidence.

“At the court when I told them that I was raped they could not believe me and one of the most hurtful responses was from a police officer who accompanied us to court. He dismissed me saying I was the one who was supposed to be arrested for assaulting the woman. They later took me to Masvingo central police station where I was given a warrant so that I could get transport to come to Bulawayo. I am still in pain and hope that justice will take its course after the story has been published,” said a teary Tangwena.

Efforts to track down the prophetess were however, fruitless by the time of going to the print. There was alleged no protection used during the assault.

Source-B Metro

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