ZIMBABWE: Man Rapes Woman And Records The Act On His Cell Phone

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A robber and rapist serving a 20-year sentence was back in court yesterday for allegedly violating a woman and recording the sickening sex attack on video. Xolisani Nkala (30) of Bulawayo appeared before regional magistrate Mr Chrispen Mberewere who deferred the matter indefinitely as the complainant did not turn up in court. The postponement of the matter did not go down well with Nkala who launched into a tirade against the appalling conditions in prison.

He said inmates were exposed to disease, hunger and overcrowding. But Mr Mberewere told Nkala the case would proceed by way of summons, triggering another outburst from the inmate who has served only one year of his sentence.

“We’re suffering in prison with no food and medication. We keep spreading diseases and nothing is done to help us as if you want us to die there,” said Nkala. “Don’t treat us like that. We’re perishing in prisons and treated as if we’re not citizens of Zimbabwe,” he yelled.

“Even Jesus died for sinners like us and why must we be subjected to such inhumane treatment?” Mr Mberewere stemmed the tirade by explaining to Nkala that the matter had been deferred because the complainant did not turn up in court.

Prosecuting, Ms Paida Zengeni alleged that sometime in 2013, Nkala, who pretended to be a tout to lure his victims, led a woman to a vehicle on the pretext that it was bound for Gwanda.

The woman got into the vehicle and the driver drove off along Harare road. Realising that the route taken by the vehicle was not heading to Gwanda, she asked the driver who told her that he wanted to collect a spare wheel from an undisclosed place,” said Ms Zengeni.

“The driver drove along Harare Road until he reached Fort Rixon turn off. He then asked Nkala and the woman to disembark.” She said Nkala took the woman to a nearby bush and demanded her phone and money threatening to kill her if she didn’t comply.

“In fear, the woman gave Nkala R400 and her Nokia phone. He also ordered her to undress and the woman complied before Nkala pushed her down,” said Ms Zengeni. “Nkala put on a condom and raped the woman while recording the attack. Afterwards he ran away into the bush leaving the woman at the scene.”

The woman reportedly walked back towards Bulawayo and was picked up by a motorist in Ntabazinduna. “She was led to United Bulawayo Hospitals where she made a report at the police post”.

Source : Chronicle

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