ZIMBABWE: Old Man Plunged Into A Well And Died

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A 75-year old man plunged headlong into a well and died as he tried to retrieve a bucket.

Elias Moyo from Umguza was lowered into the well by three children aged 12, 14 and 15, two of them girls. Moyo had instructed the children to lower him into the well using a rope.

However, tragedy struck when they failed to sustain his weight and he fell into the well. One of the children told the press that they initially refused to lower Moyo into the well but he insisted they should do it. The incident occurred last week on Wednesday at a homestead in Umguza. Moyo was buried on Saturday.

Villagers said they remain confused whether the rope the children were using snapped or he was too heavy for them. They said Moyo was a caretaker at the homestead whose owners live in Bulawayo.

Source : Chronicle

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