Zimbabwe Turns To A War-Zone; Protesters Back Into The Streets.

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Protests are back in Zimbabwe as shops and businesses have been shut up and police motor vehicles are set on fire.

Reports emerging from Zimbabwe indicates that protesters have besieged Choppies Supermarket, owned by the Zimbabwean Vice President Mphoko as they are demanding that Zanu-PF to step down.

The violence broke out after police allegedly tried to disrupt a demonstration planned by opposition parties and civil society.

The police are reported to have approached protesters with a heavy hand, but met massive resistance and were over-powered.

The violence broke up in the city centre of the Zimbabwean capital, Harare and it escalated to several other places of the city demanding the president, Robert Mugabe and his party the Zanu-PF to relinquish power immediately.

Zimbabweans are demanding the incumbent president to step down citing that he has failed the country and its citizens.

The unrest has spread from the city’s CBD, where police are firing tear gas at protesters at Market Square, Fly Over, First Street, Joina City, and towards 4th street terminals.

The violence seems to be getting intense in some places and there is a guarantee that some might lose their lives as the chaos is uncontrollable in Zimbabwe.

Shops are the most targeted places and they are being looted by protesters. The Zimbabwean Broadcasting Coperation vehicle and police vehicles have been set ablaze during this stand-still city protests.



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