ZIMBABWE: Woman Strangles Abusive Husband And Dumps The Body In Septic Tank

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A 29-Year-Old woman, Margret Lindelani, allegedly strangled her husband to death and kept him in the closet for 10 hours before dumping his body in a septic tank at their home in Bulawayo.

It is alleged that Margret confided in her mother who immediately informed the police. The decomposing body was fished out on Sunday morning. The murder took place on the 6th October.

The woman has been arrested on charges of murdering her husband and destroying evidence.

It is alleged Marget was always abused physically and verbally by her husband in front of children. She tried reporting the case to the police but it was all in vain as his relatives always supported him.He worked as an accountant and was the father of Margret’s two sons,aged 2 and 9.

Margret is expected to appear in court on Friday.

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