ZIMBABWE: Woman Strips Naked After Being Rebuked For Wearing Short-Dress

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THERE was drama at Bulawayo’s Lobengula Street when an unidentified woman said to have been wearing a micro mini-skirt lost her cool when booed by vendors.

Could she have mistaken boos for cheers? One can only wonder because she ended up str_ipping totally na_ked for all to see after she was provoked by a bully.

In this age of social media, almost everyone on site resorted to citizen journalism with their smartphones.

Too bad those with “ndori ndoris” —phones with no social media features — had to ask from those with better phones to see videos and pictures.

In no time, since social media goes viral faster than the most feared biological or computer virus, the world took to twitter about the pictures.

Therefore, no single person can claim credit for the pictures.

“This woman had a very short skirt, people said she was nu_de. Then somebody splashed water on her. Then she showed them nud_e (Egodini, Byo),” said one twitter user.

Her pictures divided opinion on twitter. Some blamed her for deliberately removing her clothes because she was angry at those taunting her. While others said because she’s a woman she was abused by se_xist men who denigrated her in the first place. Those in between said, man or woman — there’s no justification for removing clothes.

Some were of the view that sharing the pictures on social media amounted to abuse.

Those that were at the site said they last saw the woman on her way to a police station accompanied by another woman.

Source-B metro

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