Zimbabwean: Former MP Timothy Mabhuwu Blames Satan For His Action

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Former MP, Timothy  Mabhuwu blames Satan after his video in which he confessed he made up accusations of adultery about his church padtor, leaked.

Mabhuwu confessed a lot including lying that Pastor Mpofu was having sex with his wife, Elizabeth Mabhuwu and that he was the biological father of his five children.

“I write to apologize to the church, the pastor and my wife on what the devil did through me. All my children are mine and were (sic) never fathered by anybody but myself. My sincere and profound apology to anyone concerned. I am very sorry to pastor Mpofu and the church. May he forgive me for all the wrong I have done. Please pray for me, I am sick unto death. May you please intercede for me,” wrote Mubhawu in his confession letters. He added. “I accused Pastor Mpofu falsely of having an adulterous affair with my wife. I accused Pastor Mpofu of having fathered 5 of my children”. Mubhawu, who once torched controversy after saying those who tested positive to HIV virus should live in quarantine, said failure to control his anger forced him into beating his wife to admit to the cooked accusations.

When I get angry I shiver and I can hardly control myself, I think it is the same temper that instituted or constituted the duress weapon that caused my wife to falsely confess. I beat up my wife to confess, I wanted to stage a scene that will pull the pastor to my wife in order to get evidence and have it published and I be given compensation of 14 million. Sometimes I get into tantrums and become unpredictable. I am very sorry about it,” he said.

Mabhuwu consulted three other pastors for guidance in order to get compensation from pastor Mpofu over having sex with his wife but his efforts became in vain after he was advised that he needed concrete evidence to support his claims.

“In my attempts to be compensated by Pastor Mpofu for adultery with my wife, I sought guidance from three pastors. I telephoned brother Chesa of Eastlea but he refused to hear my plight and have audience with me. Brother Chikosi of Greendale, I telephoned him and we met at Kamfinsa garage. He was driving a Benz. His advice was for me to see Brother G. Chitsinde.

“I went to his house and told him of my plight. He labelled my allegations as baseless since there was no tangible evidence against the pastor. His suggestion or advice was to get clear evidence similar to that of Pius Ncube of Bulawayo,” he said.

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