Zimbabwean Government To Jail Those Selling Country’s Flag Without Permission.

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The Zimbabwean government has threatened its citizens that whosoever will be found selling the country’s flag without permission will be sent to jail.

“We will send to jail anyone who disrespects or sells the national flag without permission”, read part of the government’s statement.

This call has come into lime-light after seeing activists using the flag as a rallying point for mass protests in the country.

Zimbabwe has been rocked with demonstrations which are aimed at the incumbent president Robert Mugabe to step down. The government has failed to contain the pressure by demonstrators who are against financial chaos and the corruptive government of Mugabe which has failed to meet people’s expectations.

During the chaotic protests in the country, protesters have been using the flag marching with it in the streets.

This way of using the flag randomly in the streets has angered the Zimbabwean gurus who thought that they are disrespecting the national flag.

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