Zimbabwean Living In The UK Arrested For Raping Own Daughter

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Washington Chagugudza aged 45, has been arrested by British police on allegations that he raped his 17-year-old daughter over a period of time.

Chagugudza is based in Leeds and according to Nehanda radio, he is a respected church leader in the community and a pastor at Showers of Mercy Ministries. He was arrested by the police last week Wednesday.

Chagugudza is pleading not guilty and claims his daughter made up the story just because he refused to buy her the car she wanted. However, a shocking audio later revealed how he tried to blackmail his daughter into sleeping with him. On one occasion he tried to sleep with her when they were preparing to go to church.

One minute into the tape, she peaded with him “I don’t want to do it today”

On 6 minutes she told him “dad please stop this, can’t we talk without you holding me?”  Chagugudza was shockingly heard begging for 2 minutes.

When the girl stood her ground, he then said “fine girl, you have made your point sister…so dhiri repera Ka ” the deal is off” we are going to do things the normal way, no more special favours.

He threatened that he would not buy his daughter the car she wanted worth £5000 as promised to her, he told his daughter that her refusal to sleep with him had saved him from spending £5000. The girl was heard in the audio pleading “not today father, not today”

After a few minutes he tried forcing himself on her and the girl was heard fighting him off while shouting, “Dad, stop, I don’t like this please stop.”

Not much is known about Chagugudza except that he is originally from Zimbabwe and he’s currently in the UK. The woman he was staying with is the daughter’s step mother.

Chagugudza is in police custody, he appeared in court  and was denied bail.

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