Zimbabwean Pastor Erects a Wooden Cross Inscripted #Mugabe Must Fall.

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Zimbawean people have cried, they have tried to show their grievances through protests, but the last man standing, Robert Mugabe is not shaken.

There have been calls from all corners of the country for Robert Gabriel Mugabe to step dowm citing that he has failed the country and the citizens, but the message has fallen into deaf ears.

Zimbabweans are now tired and they have started trying all means to make him fall. The recent development is about Pastor Phillip Mugadza who has decided to erect a wooden cross with the #Mugabe Must Fall inscription on it.

“This symbol of the cross is a message to Mugabe to make a sacrifice for the Zimbabweans and step down”, said Pastor Phillip.

The pastor rose to prominenence after staging a one man protest against the 92 year old President’s rule.

He further said the end is near, and Mugabe will no longer rule the country.

“There will be some changes very soon in Zimbabwe. We have been praying day and night at the African Unity Square asking for God to intervene, and our prayers will be answered soon”, said Mugadza.


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