Zimbabweans Fasting For President Mugabe’s Death

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“President Robert Mugabe has lived for too long and it appears only death will make him step down.” A Njube Suburb resident said.

Some Zimbabweans have even started fasting for 40 days, praying and hoping God would hear their cry and take President Mugabe.

“Those praying for President Mugabe’s death are just wasting their precious time because that old man you see is a God given leader and will only step down or die only at God’s will. He may even lead for many years to come if God permits.” VO Phelekezela Mphoko said yesterday.

“You are busy fasting for Mugabe’s death, what you don’t realize is that this man was chosen by God himself before being anointed by people.” VP Mphoko addressed residents of Njube Suburb before handing over 2,500 day-old chicks as part of the poultry project he launched in June to help uplift the lives of ordinary citizens.

“I wonder what kind of people you are and the churches you attend must be satanic. How on earth can you fast for someone’s death? Instead of praying that God help you individually. The bible says we should pray for peace, pray for our leaders and even our enemies. President Mugabe was born on 21 and if you read Psalms 21 it says (I’ll give you a crown of leadership and a long, long life). That’s President Mugabe’s prophecy from God. If you are busy going against this prophecy, know that you are simply wasting your time.” Mphoko said.

“Stop tribalism, let’s work together in unity in order to bring development to this country, stop going against the President for you will gain completely nothing from it.” He said.

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