Zimbabweans On Death Row In Indonesia Are Actually Nigerians

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The Indonesia government has refused the announcement that two unnamed Zimbabweans are to be executed in Indonesia. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was informed by Zimbabwean Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia that the Indonesian authorities announced in May 2016 that 15 convicts including two Zimbabweans would be executed. The two inmates identified as Zimbabweans in Indonesia are drug trafficking convicts,” said the Zimbabwean ministry.

“We wish to set the record straight that contrary to the pronouncements by the Indonesian authorities that two of the 15 convicts awaiting execution were Zimbabweans, the Government has since established that they are actually Nigerian nationals.”

It is said that the two Nigerian nationals entered Indonesia with fake names of Ozias Sibanda and Fedrick Lutter and were arrested in 2001 and 2006 respectively for drug trafficking. They were using fake Zimbabwean passports that’s the reason for thinking they are Zimbabwean.

“The Government believes that the passports were either fraudulently issued to the two or they were stolen/bought from their bona fide owners and the photographs swapped for those of the imposters,” said the Foreign Ministry.

“Our Embassy in Jakarta informed the ministry that the two convicts admitted that they were from Nigeria and confessed to have used Zimbabwean passports for ease of travel. The Nigerian Embassy in Jakarta has already verified that the two are indeed Nigerian nationals.”

The Indonesian authorities had claimed that they had 15 inmates: four Chinese, two Nigerians, two Senegalese, two Zimbabweans and five Indonesians. The ministry also warned members of the public against drug trafficking crimes saying Government will not intervene if one is caught going against the law.

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