Zodiak News Reporter Arrested Over Dating Someone’s Wife.

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Malawian news announcer at one of the largest Broadcasting Stations in Malawi, Zodiak, has been arrested for having a secret affair with someone’s wife in Lilongwe.

The announcer identified as Joe Mwase, was caught red handed by the husband of his secret lover, Rita Chaima.

According to media reports in the country, Joe has been dating this lady for sometime and the husband was suspecting them but he couldn’t find concrete evidence to confront them.

The fortieth day arrived when the husband received a tip off that his wife jumped off at Joe’s house.

Rita Chaima who works at Lilongwe Department of Road Traffic and Safety, jumped off at Joe’s house while coming from work.

This message prompted the husband, Alnord Flao to follow them and fortunate enough he found them in the cheaters house.

After finding them, brawls started raining in the house and the cheater failed to contain  punches from the opponent and decided to run.

Malawi Police arrested all of them but only Joe Mwase and Rita Chaima were detained for questioning while Alnord was released.

Sources in Malawi says the cheating wife has been in marriage with Alnord for almost 12 years and they are blessed with three children, but yet she was not faithful and honest to her husband.

Police are still investigating the matter.

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